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Technology can be tough. Nonstop updates, new products, software and a number of other things only add to the madness. Add all of it together and it can turn out to be one big frustrating mess. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here at HAS The Geek we specialize in technology repair, consulting, and website design / development. We have trained professionals in each category that are eager to continue to assist current clients as well as new ones.

We do this because we love it.

We aren’t your typical IT shop. We’re all very young and cutting edge. The reason HAS The Geek was started based out of necessity. We saw the service that “The Geeks” were providing and were appalled at how hit or miss it could be depending on the technician, not to mention the price tag that accompanied it. All of the knowledge we have and continue to gain is because we love what we do. Heck if we didn’t start the business, we’d be doing it as a hobby. As a result we are up to date on the most recent products, software, and skill-sets required as technicians. Below are just a few statistics about us.

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We’ll help with anything from your wifi not working to setting up a comprehensive technology plan for your business. Contact us and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

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