Computer Hardware Repair

Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death

Computer not starting? Blue Screen of Death? Regardless of the problem you are experiencing, there is a high chance it is related to hardware failure in your system. Not need to fret, we’ll diagnose it, let you know the issue and hold your hand throughout the entire process as we bring your computer back to life. Some examples and symptoms of hardware failures are listed below.

  • Hard Drive: Clicking noise at startup, “No boot device found”, very slow computer usage.
  • Power Supply: Computer fails to turn on at all, high pitched beeping when starting your computer, fans on full blast when trying to startup
  • RAM (Random Access Memory): Computer fails to start and give an error message at startup usually followed by Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
  • Motherboard: Computer fails to get past initial boot screen and continues to try to reboot or does not start at all.

If you experience any of the symptoms above, it is likely best that you turn the computer off and unplug it from the wall until one of out technicians arrives and can properly diagnose the problem.

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First time experience with HAS The Geek (Hunter) and we are completely satisfied. He repaired two home computers which were near death ….professional, courteous, affordable rates …highly recommend. Give him a call now!

Dave L